Hi! My name is Jennifer Barbieri and my mission is to help you help yourself and to train other mental health professionals in the URGES Therapy process. I've worked in the mental health field over 20 years as a licensed clinical social worker. 



I believe in living a happy life, believing in myself and continuing to grow. I like to help others do this too! I created URGES Therapy to help people get over stumbling blocks and obstacles that get in the way of progress. I created URGES Therapy (Urge Reduction by Growing Ego Strength) to safely and effectively treat trauma related disorders in treatment facilities and in the outpatient setting.I am currently located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in private practice. I also travel, speak and teach the URGES process.

PAYMENT: The URGES Clinic accepts many major insurances. The URGES Clinic, LLC is not a provider for Medicare, Medicaid, (Regular , MS-CAN, Magnolia or ChiPS) or Tricare.

Urges Clinic

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Email: jenniferbarbieri@att.net

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 139 Petal, MS 39465

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